Zone Athletic Apparel® is a firefighter-owned and operated company based out of Jupiter, Fl.  Our ability to manufacture high-quality apparel, using top-of-the-line fabrics at a low cost, along with the fact we have low overhead, allows us to provide our customers with a premium product that is affordably priced, therefore, eliminating the ridiculous retail markup you see from our competitors.  We pride ourselves on being extremely detail-oriented in every step of the process, from conception to production, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and we create a product that appeals to any fitness enthusiast who desires functional fitness apparel with unique, yet simplistic designs.

Many people ask "what's the story behind your name, slogan and logo?".  The name and slogan (Visualize • Focus • Achieve) came about almost simultaneously. Our founder, Isaac Drouin, has lived his whole life by that slogan.  Any goal that he could imagine became a reality, all because he focused and took the necessary steps, regardless of the sacrifices he had to make.  Regardless of who you are, if you can visualize your goals, then focus and do what needs to be done, you can achieve just about anything in life!  

As far as the logo, we wanted to create something that symbolized both the name and slogan. Imagine our logo as a viewfinder to life. When you look through this viewfinder you can't help but focus on a particular goal, thus putting you in the zone to create greatness. 

Over the next five years it is our mission to become a household name when it comes to functional fitness apparel that can be worn in or outside the gym.  In order to achieve this goal we are teaming up with only the top designers, marketers and manufacturers in the business, allowing us to continue producing apparel that is unlike anything on the market and create a community of fitness enthusiast who believe in quality without the markup.

"Don't let anything in life stop you from doing what you want to do or being who you want to be"